Cultural events - a way of cities' image improvement: Linz - the cultural capital of Europe 2009

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Show simple item record Iordanova-Krasteva, Elitza Wickens, Eugenia 2012-06-19T08:32:36Z 2012-06-19T08:32:36Z 2012-06-19
dc.description.abstract During the past three decades the process of destination image formation occurred as a significant part in tourism research. Although many researchers have greatly contributed to this important research field, still several aspects of destination image are not well understood and require attention. Level of satisfaction, destination choice decision-making process, after-decision-making behaviours, intention to revisit and willingness to recommend are indisputably dependent on destination image. This paper looks at the concept of destination image and the instruments of measuring destination image. In particular, the process of destination image formation and the factors that shape the destination image is highlighted. Afterwards, a short review of the ECC Event and a literature review of the methodologies existing in the literature regarding measurement of destination image are presented. Finally, the research methodology that will be implemented in the measurement of the image improvement of Linz during the ECC Event in 2009 is shortly described. The rationale for undertaking this study is to provoke discussions whether the successful measurement of destination image requires the implementation of both qualitative and quantitative approaches, wherein the qualitative approach precedes the quantitative method. Moreover, the combination of structured and unstructured methods presents a unique opportunity to analyse the multidimensional character of destination image. Proceedings of the 4th International Tourism Conference 2008: "Cultural and Event Tourism: Issues & Debates", 5-9 November 2008, Alanya, Turkey, pp 487-508 2008 en_US
dc.subject Europe en_US
dc.subject Cultural capital of Europe en_US
dc.subject Linz en_US
dc.subject Destination image formation en_US
dc.subject Measurement of destination image en_US
dc.subject EEC event en_US
dc.subject Turkey en_US
dc.subject Alanya en_US
dc.subject Issues en_US
dc.subject Debates en_US
dc.subject Cultural and Event Tourism en_US
dc.subject Proceedings of the 4th International Tourism Conference en_US
dc.subject Proceedings en_US
dc.subject International en_US
dc.subject Tourism en_US
dc.subject Conference en_US
dc.subject Cultural en_US
dc.subject Event Tourism en_US
dc.subject Image en_US
dc.subject Improvement: en_US
dc.subject Capital en_US
dc.subject Travel en_US
dc.subject Business en_US
dc.subject Marketing en_US
dc.title Cultural events - a way of cities' image improvement: Linz - the cultural capital of Europe 2009 en_US
dc.type Presentation en_US

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